Best Practices

Our customers often suspect that a specific area is not performing up to expectations. In these situations we are called upon not only to perform diagnostics of the claim process, but also examine a profit center, line of business or a key segment of the operation. Each engagement is assessed by a small team to uncover areas of focus which might include one or more of the following:

  • Workflow

  • Inter/intra company communication

  • Electronic benchmarking / Scorecard measurement

  • Streamlined vendor management / Cost extrication

  • Articulation of Best Practices / Leakage assessment

  • Reserving and settlement protocol

  • Data management assessment, oversight and expense control

  • Management cost containment reviews

  • Evaluation / Review of operational units

Each area is examined in depth and areas where enhancements may be required are discussed with staff so that they become an integral part of the solution. The suggested improvements allow each company to employ strategic thinking within its own culture so that there is little reluctance to embrace new and cost effective methodologies.

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