Claims Auditing

The RMG Consulting team is uniquely qualified to handle the auditing function from the most routine assignment to the most complex engagement. We tailor each project to the specific needs of the client and the situation. The audits can be internal or external, but in either case we have the means to promptly identify improvement areas and provide clear and effective methods and techniques to reduce costs.

One method we employ is the utilization, where appropriate, of our proprietary statistical benchmarking protocols to track claim performance and processes. This methodology executed by our superior team of hands-on professional insurance insiders is what distinguishes us from our competitors. By targeting select claims for audits as opposed to larger and unsophisticated random samples, we are able to focus on suspected areas of leakage potential. Our efforts provide very specific recommendations for those areas where improvement is required enabling the client, with our assistance as needed, to implement immediate corrective action. These efforts invariably result in addressing problem areas timely often lowering claim costs and expenses.

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