Recap By Line of Business

RMG Consulting has unique competency in each of the following claim areas:

  • General Liability including Products

  • Standard and Non-Standard Automobile / Transportation

  • Professional liability including E&O, D&O, Medical Malpractice, and others

  • Property / Marine

  • Workers' Compensation

  • Asbestos and Environmental

  • Recovery / Subrogation

  • Lender Products

  •         Blanket Lender Single Interest (BLSI)
  •         Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI)
  •         Mortgage Hazard
  •         Mortgage Flood
  •         Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP)

Other Specialty Areas - Our staff is capable of all facets of the claim handling cycle from pre-quote audits before business is written to the culmination of how a particular claim, program or book of business is concluded. We have the ability to assess early warning signs to predict how a program or a book of business will develop and recommend whether to continue to write or discontinue particular risks. We accomplish the above through a combination of technical expertise, data mining and analysis as well as systems knowledge. We know how to link claim management, escrow loss funding, and the direction of a partner and are exhibited in several niche segments. Also refer to Complex Claim Oversight section.

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