Reinsurance - Insurance Carrier

RMG Consulting can provide support for your company in many aspects of the reinsurance relationship. We are qualified to perform in depth contract reviews involving coverage interpretation as well as its applicability. Our experienced team can help you to manage this very important relationship, provide educational guidance regarding the claim cession as well as provide tools to aid you in the negotiation process of the contract. Our staff is well versed in reinsurance applicability. We have been involved in reinsurance from the reinsurer as well as the company perspective. For example, we can assist you in the following areas:

  • " Leakage avoidance "

  • Appropriate claim and policy cession

  • Providing an independent viewpoint of a potential dispute

  • Reinsurance collections

  • Review accuracy of financial records

Our experienced former reinsurance executives can assist the insurance carrier in a variety of reinsurance needs helping your company work through the maze of contract wording and pricing options.

Our claims experts can review your insurance carrier's reinsurance contract to comment and assist on handling of coverage issues, reserving disputes, data and reporting management. We can assist you in appropriate claim and policy cessions, providing an independent viewpoint of a potential dispute, reinsurance collections, review accuracy of financial records and help with bordereaux preparation and reporting as well as training for a better outcome in your claims discussions with reinsurers.

Our former underwriting executives can assist in the purchase or renewal of a reinsurance program in order to obtain the best possible pricing and conditions for your company. In addition, we can review contract language for best terms. We understand all facets of the reinsurance purchase, with experience in both broker market and direct, and can assist you in making the best, most cost effective reinsurance decisions for your company. We can work along side of ceded reinsurance personnel, or work in place of a ceded reinsurance department, saving you time and money.

Our services are geared toward the preservation of the reinsurance relationship and avoiding costs from both perspectives.

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