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RMG Consulting can provide support for your company in many aspects of the reinsurance relationship. We are qualified to perform in depth contract reviews involving coverage interpretation as well as its applicability. Our experienced team can help you to manage this very important relationship, provide educational guidance regarding the claim cession as well as provide tools to aid you in the negotiation process of the contract. Our staff is well versed in reinsurance applicability. We have been involved in reinsurance from the reinsurer as well as the company perspective. For example, we can assist you in the following areas:

  • " Leakage avoidance "

  • Appropriate claim and policy cession

  • Providing an independent viewpoint of a potential dispute

  • Review accuracy of financial records

  • Bordereaux preparation and reporting

RMG Consulting offers the Reinsurer a complete range of services designed specifically for the company accepting business directly or from a reinsurance broker. Our experience both in reinsurance underwriting and claims in all aspects of the property and casualty marketplace gives you feedback in our reviews from the perspective of a reinsurer, not just a general look at the insurance company.

For underwriting, we offer the Reinsurance carrier a cost effective means to independently examine risk selection, pricing, processes and controls. These reviews can be performed for current clients or pre quotes on perspective opportunities, as well as potential deals with business partners or agency relationships. In addition we can perform independent reviews of your own book of business if needed to comment on areas of concern. We also provide experienced reinsurance underwriters who are available to assist you if needed during peak periods or other emergencies.

Reinsurance claims services include an independent opinion of case reserve adequacy, ability to work with actuaries on IBNR calculations, perform analysis of claims handling practices and controls and examine claims handling performance including staffing models, staff recruitment, and quality of claims service to the policy holder and internal process metrics either for your office or for client companies.

Our services are geared toward the preservation of the reinsurance relationship and avoiding costs from both perspectives.

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