Turning Data into Action©

By combining data from the initial pricing study, claim data and financial data, RMG can build databases and apply statistical techniques to determine the areas of highest concerns. We have developed a benchmarking process to statistically review each component of the claims process and benchmark each activity. Results are then summarized and ranked in importance. This new process leads to the design of focused audits that result in immediately reducing losses. To maximize the results, we believe an auditor should be aware of the most significant areas for improvement before the claim files are selected for audit. This approach maximizes savings and minimizes operating expenses by undertaking a "measure twice, cut once" process.

  • Our goal is to reduce losses and allocated expenses through the use of focused audits. This includes reviewing the following:

  • Cash management including reducing escrow levels by reviewing loss funding procedures
  • Recovering loss funds, and reducing the incurred, from un-cashed claim checks
  • Reviewing loss funding requests to ensure that these funds are not sitting idle waiting for a claim to be paid
  • Ensure that only covered claims are paid by reviewing the coverage verification process
  • Statistically benchmarking each step of the claim process
  • Review settlements, managed care, litigations, allocated expenses to identify specific offices for focused audits
  • Using systems to help identify where claim reserves are too high, or too low
  • Determine where the time to report a claim or to close a claim is significantly increasing the ultimate incurred
  • Review account processing including Claims Management and administration
  • Track Underwriting results by agent, line of business and branch office

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