Data Mining / Management Reports

We are uniquely qualified in navigating RMIS systems to find saving opportunities. We review and revise Underwriting and Claim Management Reports that are easily understood and can be readily utilized to identify trends and assist in managing the company. For example, we can identify Managed Care results for each location; track average claim costs, expenses, or both by location, adjuster, TPA, determine profitability by agent or combinations of criteria.

Data Integration

When the current systems do not present the proper level of integration, we can help design improved conversion methods. These include the following:

  • Review TPA's Claim Systems and design appropriate Data Requirements

  • Building an interface between the two systems

  • Oversee Account Transfers from one TPA to another

  • Monitor the Data Quality and resolve discrepancies between the TPA's Loss Runs and the electronically submitted

  • Leverage state-of-the-art technology to reduce expenses, increase profits and maximize operational efficiency

  • Bypass competitors by upgrading legacy backroom systems to state-of-the-art internet-based solutions

  • Launch new product lines quickly using Internet-delivered policy issuance and administration systems

  • Reduce or eliminate in-house systems overhead by outsourcing administration systems at dramatically reduced cost

  • Reduce the quote-bind-bill-issue cycle by entering information only one time into integrated systems

  • Analyze the existing platform and database applications, including auditing security and backup

We're Focused on Pragmatic Solutions and Results