RMG Consulting is an excellent resource for reinsurers or reinsurance intermediaries for independent assessment of reinsured or runoff primary operations and controls. For actuarial, financial and data processing concerns, RMG is uniquely able to seamlessly partner in a wide variety of projects that involve line operations and is a unique independent resource for solutions to critical operational problems.

  • Partner with management to develop / implement an appropriate strategic plan, with metrics, that involves all operational units.

  • Assist in strategic diversification or consolidation planning.

  • Advise on contemplated tactical marketing plans including line of business, production channel, and territorial decisions.

  • Operational due diligence and analysis of potential or existing acquisitions, business partners and programs.

  • Involve line personnel to establish tactical operational metrics and reports.

  • Operational review of claims or underwriting processes handled by others under contract.

  • Detailed analysis of systems, controls and procedures utilized by line underwriting, claims, and policy service.

RMG offers underwriting consulting assistance to insurance carriers, reinsurers, MGA's or any other entity looking to evaluate a property casualty book of business. Our well rounded expert insurance and reinsurance executives offer a cost effective means to independently examine risk selection, pricing, and underwriting processes. We understand the key things that make a well-run company and will keep our eye on the best ways for your company to maximize profits. Our seasoned executives will thoroughly review:

  • Risk selection

  • Pricing

  • Processes and controls

  • Management oversight

  • Organization and training

  • Contractual arrangements

  • Comment on Current Underwriting Concerns Including Catastrophe Aggregation and Casualty Problems Such as Lead, Silica and Environmental Issues

RMG offers senior management a means to perform an independent due diligence of active business, new opportunities, potential deals with business partners, acquisitions, or a review of your own book of business. We recognize that pricing is an integral part of the overall underwriting process with a significant impact on results. RMG has an alliance with well-known actuarial consultants whose expertise we access as needed.

We're Focused on Pragmatic Solutions and Results